National Association for Mega Awareness and Nomocracy in India, abbreviated as 'NAMAN India' is an organization formed by a group of passionate professionals who believe that one's education is worthwhile only if it gives something back to the society.


Life becomes easy and rights accessible if laws are simplified and easily understood by common mass. NAMAN India is a voluntary, not-for-profit initiative primarily to bring legal awareness among youth and children, among urban and rural, and among educated and educationally challenged people alike. In order to kindle an everlasting process of knowledge transfer and to ensure easy access to justice in our society, NAMAN India is endeavoring to bring such compelling awareness among people that it trickles down to marginalized mass which constitute the majority of Indian population.


NAMAN India believes that the greatest asset for a country like India, which is at the cusp of becoming developed, are its law abiding citizens who become partners in progress of the nation. Towards creating such an asset, NAMAN India is working to take the existing laws and the Constitution of India to people so that they understand the law of the land, without them having to undergo any formal courses in law. This will not only help common mass to assert their rights but will also help in building an empowered society and a great nation.