Legal Awareness

Ignorance of law is not a bliss, therefore, knowing the law of the land apparently becomes essential for every citizen.

Awareness is might and it’s relevant to every aspect of one’s life. Awareness about the law brings immense might as it enables the citizen to recognize injustices and challenge them fearlessly. Legal awareness apart from being a powerful tool for accessing justice fearlessly also acts as a catalyst for promoting the ideals of Constitution of India and the Rule of Law (Nomocracy). It has the capability of transforming a citizen’s life and develops a more responsible citizenry as it enables people to understand their own as well as others’ rights, and also makes people understand their duties.

Legal literacy and Legal awareness is the cornerstone of legal empowerment. In order to bring legal literacy and legal awareness, besides adopting various non-conventional methods for a lasting impact among general masses, we carry out specially designed trainings on various legal topics for specific focus groups across educational and industrial background.