Our Approach

Intellectual Property Awareness

We firmly believe that IP and IPRs hold utmost significance for economic growth and competitiveness in India. It is a well known fact that the world’s largest and most entrepreneurial economies have been built on strong IP, creating cultures of open innovation, knowledge sharing and co-creation. IP is significant for our economic independence; is significant for the society; is highly valuable for companies, especially for micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs).
Despite the undeniable significance of Intellectual Properties, IP and IPR remains a topic which a large section of people are either not aware of or they find it complex and misunderstand it.

Our initiative:

NAMAN India through its project “Aarohan” (Origin: Sanskrit) which means ‘Ascension’ or ‘Rising’, aims to raise awareness about Intellectual Properties and Intellectual Property Rights with focus on Patents, and change the perception that it is difficult and inconsequential for individuals to obtain Patents

Our approach:

We consider youth who are enrolled in academic institutions the most important segment of people who need to have a sound awareness of IP and IPRs. We believe that awareness among the generation of people who are preparing themselves for venturing in different domains of science and arts is the key to IP revolution in India.
NAMAN India is raising awareness among students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses in different universities across India. We are constantly endeavoring to build associations and a long term partnership with academic institutions in order to stimulate IP generation and to ensure their registration by assisting them at every stage of the procedure.